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Beachillujah Braclets Display


"My experience with Alexis at AlectroDesign couldn't have been better! She not only impressed me with her initiative and enthusiasm from the get go, but her follow through and detailed craftmanship really sealed the deal. Her design ability is top notch and has integrity for quality! I appreciated how she listened and followed through with my requests, innately understanding what I needed and created a design that was better than expected. She is truly very talented! Her creation (awesome rotating display stand - hand painted!) not only supports Beachillujah's bracelets technically... but truly makes them shine! A++, many thanks Alexis - you're a real gem!"

About this Project

I had so much fun designing these bracelet stands for Beachillujah Bracelets! I worked with the owner of the company to get the designs the way she wanted before printing and painting the stands. From the style to the colors, the stands were completely customized, and she was so happy with the final result! She also wanted the stands to rotate, so I made them in multiple pieces (as seen in the video) to allow this to happen. Now the stands are on display in local gift shops, and they look even better with the adorable bracelets! Check out Beachillujah's Instagram page (@beachillujah) to see more about her business.

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