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Custom Lithophanes

"This product was awesome and it turned out so well! Was super happy to give it to my friend as a gift :)"

About this Project

I've always been fascinated by lithophanes and how they can create a 2D image using light. 3D printing allows lithophanes to be completely customized, and you can get really creative with the different shapes and frames! Any photo can be turned into a lithophane, although high-contrast photos have the best results. Both of the lithophanes above were purchased as gifts, and I worked with the customers to design the frames. The lithophane fits into a lightbox, and you can see how it all comes together in the video above. In addition to using a lightbox, many lithophanes look great in front of windows that let in a lot of sunlight. 

Interested in purchasing a custom lithophane (digital files or physical product)? Contact me here.

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