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Ever since I was a kid, I've always been the creative type, whether it was painting, drawing, or music, but it took me a while to figure out how I wanted to express my creativity in the long-term. 

Alexis Hudson, Owner/Designer

The first step in discovering 3D printing began in high school, where one of my teachers encouraged me to take our 'Intro to Engineering' class. Our first assignment was to build a small car out of cardboard that could be propelled forward without simply being pushed. This project is what made me realize how much I enjoy making things, especially when it's something I can call my own. Soon after joining this class, I found out that we had a 3D printer on campus, and the idea of being able to create something on a computer and print it out in real life was both fascinating and exciting to me. I started by learning how to use Autodesk Meshmixer, and my first project was a replica of my pet golden retriever, DJ. 

My First Project

Although I was able to work with Meshmixer, I found that there were many things I couldn't do with this software, so I began learning Autodesk Fusion 360. Once I became more experienced at 3D modeling in Fusion 360, I realized that I wanted to take my hobby a step further and start selling my creations. Our school printer was relatively low quality, so I got my models printed using a service called Shapeways and opened up an Etsy shop. I had this shop open for a few years, but I eventually came to the conclusion that I did not have time to produce enough ready-to-go products to make keeping the shop open worth the time and effort. This is when I entertained the idea of selling digital files rather than physical products. I've also purchased my own 3D printer so that I don't have to be limited by the constraints of 3D printing services.

Products from my Etsy Shop

After checking out a few selling platforms, I settled on opening a shop at Cults3D, a popular website for buying and selling 3D models. I have also started working with ZBrush to expand my modeling capabilities, and I'm excited to add many more models to my shop in the coming years. In addition to my original designs, I also love making custom models for others who have ideas but don't have the modeling skills to turn them into a reality. I've done a handful of custom projects as of now, but I hope to add to that list in the future.

Custom Product Examples

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