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Alligator Ring


"I recently ordered a ring from Alexis. I asked for an alligator who would wrap around my finger. I gave her a vague description of what I wanted and she created something unbelievable! Her artistic vision brought my little alligator to life. He's gorgeous! He has texture and beautiful life like colors. I couldn't be happier." 

- Paige Strong

3D Model

Screenshot (438).png

About this Project

As I've mentioned before, I love custom projects because they expose me to great ideas that I never would have thought of myself, and this ring is the perfect example of this! Although I love animals and jewelry, an alligator ring is a combo that I wouldn't have come up with but absolutely love. The final result is an adorable little gator that wraps around your finger, and I painted it with metallic green and gold to give it some color while leaving it neutral enough to match most outfits. Because the ring is so small, some of the details seen in the model aren't visible on the print, but the final result still has scales and texture as seen in the photos. I love it so much that I plan on making one for myself!

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